On 18th October 1992 Southborough twinned with the town of Lambersart in France. The Twinning Charter signed by both towns formally resolved to honour the twinning relationship by establishing and maintaining friendly relations with each other, to foster and develop mutual understanding and respect between the people of their respective administrative areas, to favour all kinds of links between the two regions especially in the educational and cultural fields, to encourage exchange visits and to develop human and cultural relationships and establish a firm foundation for future understanding, respect and friendship their people for all time

To celebrate five years of twinning on 18th October 1997 Lambersart Close on the new Barnetts Wood housing estate was officially unveiled followed by a reception at the Salomons Estate.

Today the bond of friendship is overseen and encouraged by the Southborough and High Brooms District Overseas Friendship Association who organise regular visits to Lambersart. In addition the Lambersart Twinning Association “Amities Internationales” arranges visits to Southborough.

For more information try the following link www.shdofa.com


A friendship between the towns of Southborough and Kaniv in Ukraine began in the year 2001, when representatives of the towns met at the European Project for Youth in Lambersart. The friendship developed strongly and in 2005 the Southborough and Kaniv Association (SAKA) was founded. Now citizens of Southborough visit Kaniv as welcome guests and citizens of Kaniv are similarly welcomed in Southborough. SAKA has its own website – www.southboroughandkanivassociation.com.