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Southborough Hub Update – 15 March 2018

Please find below an update on the Southborough Hub development.

The project team has been made aware that there is incorrect information being circulated about the Southborough Hub development. On that basis please see the latest update on the project.

The tender process for the Southborough Hub contractor is drawing to a close with the final three contenders having had their interviews and the detailed evaluation now being completed. All three contractors have come in on price with several suggesting that parts of the Southborough Hub could be delivered in under 12 months from when the contract is let.

Several of the contractors have also put forward suggestions on the buildability of the facility which would alter some of the design elements and these will be considered subject to contract with the winning bidder. The development has 53 conditions to discharge as part of the planning process, one of which included agreeing the cladding element and some of the contractors put forward some very good proposals on this element. The project board is expected to confirm the appointment of the winning contractor in the near future. 

The contract for the developer is anticipated to be signed at the same time as the sale of the enabling residential land in order to ensure that the two elements of the scheme continue to be progressed in tandem.

The Southborough Town Council Hub representative Cllr Ian Kinghorn attended the contractor interviews and said “I had not appreciated the complexity of the project when looking in from the outside or the legal issues involved in getting us to this point but it was fascinating to attend the meetings with the contractors and see their different proposals. It was clear that they had all spent a considerable amount of time and effort putting their bids together and some of their options had some very exciting elements to them. The public procurement process has taken its time as these things do, but I am convinced that we have got the right contractors for the job and I look forward to being able to finally appoint a contractor and get work starting on site”.

The reserved matters planning application for the residential development is anticipated to be given in week commencing 20 March 2018 with start on site commencing in May. 

The planning application for the temporary accommodation of the Tunbridge Wells Youth Football Club is also anticipated at the same time and the club have already finalised the move out of their current accommodation, leaving the site ready to go. The engineering works to the football fields will start in July weather permitting and last a month.

The FA grant business plan is now almost complete and awaits final tender sums prior to being submitted to the FA. The grant being sought is for over £450k and the FA and Southborough Town Council will be seeking protection of the pavilion and the fields for a minimum period of 21 years.

Slow progress continues to be made on the NHS development with heads of terms being drafted and the NHS agreeing to high level meetings in order to speed up the process.

With elections being held in May and given the significance of this project to the local area, there will be no official updates during the purdah period which runs from 27 March to the 5 May.

If you wish to be removed from this emailing list or add a further email account, please let me know.

Many thanks for you continued interest in the project.

Jonathan White
Projects and Operations Manager
2nd Floor Invicta House
Kent. ME14 1XX

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Southborough Community Hub Development Consultation Analysis Report

Following the Consultation on the development of the Southborough Hub, the results were analysed by an independent Company.

To view their report, please click on the link. Southborough Hub Consultation Report


Equality Impact Assessment

To see the latest update click the link.


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Redacted minutes of the Southborough Hub Project Board Meetings – It is necessary to take out any commercially sensitive information.

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Redacted minutes of the Southborough Hub Working Group Meetings – It is necessary to take out any commercially sensitive information.

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